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Closing Chapter promotion poster 2

局外人 L'Etranger》完整版上架Steam了!

◯ 包含三个结局的游戏完结篇内容
◯ 新增多个游戏内跨类型互动系统
◯ 新增海量音乐,及画面,CG等视觉元素
◯ 新增画廊Gallery功能
◯ 海量游戏操作体验的改进
◯ 海量游戏文本和bug的修正
◯ 请玩家认真阅读并遵守修正后的用户协议

From the creators:
We are, unabashedly, by most standards, the best and brightest of our generation. We are extremely proud to present you this game, which has far exceeded our early expectations in its current state. We sincerely thank our player community, who provide us with invaluable feedback, comments, thoughts, and encouragement through the years. We hope you will enjoy this full full-fledged version of our game.

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